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SysCheck HacksDen Edition
Author(s)JoostinOnline, Double_A, R2-D2199, Nano
Version2.4.0 HD Edition
Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel
Loads files from the Front SD slot Wiimote.svg

SysCheck HacksDen Edition is a homebrew application which runs several checks on your Wii's installed IOS and cIOS. It returns a report which can be used for troubleshooting.
The author can not be held responsible for any damages SysCheck might cause!


The utility SysCheck HacksDen Edition runs the here listed checks on your installed IOS and cIOS:

  • Base IOS Detection
  • vIOS Detection
  • Beer Ticket
  • IOS Stub
  • Fake Signature (aka Trucha Bug)
  • ES_DiVerify (aka ES_Identify)
  • Flash Access
  • NAND Access
  • Boot2 Access
  • USB 2.0

SysCheck generates a report on the root of the SD card (sd:/sysCheck.csv). There is also an option to upload the report to the internet, on, for easier sharing.


SysCheck HacksDen Edition is a fork of SysCheck 2.0. It has several extra features and bug-fixes, including a much better support for the vWii.


Version 2.4.0 HacksDen Edition

  • Added check for Beer ticket
  • Added skipped IOS's to list
  • Removed the need to reload the runtime IOS
  • SysCheck directory is created if it doesn't exist
  • Fixed incorrect runtime IOS type
  • Fixed vWii cIOS's sometimes showing as regular cIOS's
  • Fixed crash when the language is set to Italian, French, or Spanish
  • Fixed update function
  • Updated Spanish translation (thanks NaxoR93)

Version 2.3.2 HacksDen Edition

  • Disabled vIOS check on a real Wii because it was causing problems
  • Fixed the drive date bug (for real this time)
  • Fixed possible crash when there is no AHB access
  • Fixed crash when unknown System Menu version is installed

Version 2.3.1 HacksDen Edition

  • Added hashes for hermes cIOS 2XX[38+60]v4, 2XX[38+37]v4, and 2XX[57]v5.1 (thanks Cyan)
  • Now reports if you have a vIOS installed
  • Added support for the latest System Menu on vWii

Version 2.3.0 HacksDen Edition

  • Added a new argument --skipIOS, which lets you skip any specific IOS in the scan. This is useful for freezes. Multiple arguments are supported.
  • Added translations for "Homebrew Channel is not installed" message
  • Added support for GC\Classic controllers, and multiple remotes
  • Added detection for DM\DML 2.11
  • Fixed BC_NAND and BC_WFS showing up as patched
  • Fixed a translation for "Unknown"
  • Fixed the report from spilling an extra line past the frame
  • Improved timing between messages
  • Improved "Sorting Titles" speed
  • Other minor changes

Version 2.2.1 HacksDen Edition

  • Fixed the pesky bug that sometimes caused the slot number of a vWii cIOS to be way off. Thanks to asper for lots of testing.

Version 2.2.0 HacksDen Edition

  • Added support for the new vWii System Menu's.
  • Fixed the ridiculous bug (possibly intentional?) where the System Menu region is defined by setting.txt, not by what's installed.
  • Added an additional method of checking the System Menu version. The current way works fine, but it doesn't hurt to have some backup methods.
  • App now exits properly on error, and memory is cleaned up.
  • Added support for DM/DML 2.7-2.10.
  • Added libruntimeiospatch v1.6.1.
  • Rewrote logfile code so it logs directly to the file (no overflows).
  • Fixed bug where a bunch of blank lines are shown on the report when you press Right close to the end of the file.
  • Added a .5 second delay after displaying report to decrease the chance of accidental uploads.
  • Added a .2 second delay between the init messages.
  • Added check for console type (Wii or Wii U).
  • Translations added for "Shop Channel Code".
  • A fair amount of optimization and cleanup.

Version 2.1.0 HacksDen Edition

  • Fixed HBC 1.1.x detection for languages other than English
  • Fixed HBF detection for languages other than English, and removed German message if it doesn't exist
  • Fixed compile warnings
  • Added support for proper display in Windows Notepad
  • Fixed format of meta.xml file
  • Updated libCheckRegion so that it supports new Wii and vWii regions
  • Fixed Region report for the vWii
  • Added check for Shop Channel Country
  • Improved code readability
  • Support for custom 4.1 System Menu versions (544xx)
  • Changed the background and icon
  • Changed the English date format to MM/DD/YYYY because that's how it's used in conversation
  • Other minor changes

See SysCheck and SysCheck 2.0 for changes in previous versions.


JoostinOnline credits:

  • God for always being there for him
  • The original creators of SignCheck, SysCheck, SysCheck GX and SysCheck 2.0
  • megazig for his suggestions and support
  • PabloACZ for some testing and advice
  • Mountain Dew for making him immortal (untested)