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Downloadable via the Open Shop Channel

Starfield is a small app that was written to demonstrate the starfield effect that I use in Newo Shooter. I wrote this program for beginners who want to get into Wii homebrew. Uses GRRLIB. It is not a game. You can modify the included source to simulate things like warps, rain and various other flying effects.

How it works

Check the source. The C program basically draws some lines in 3d space inside a single GX block. Half the lines are a different colour and are moving slower than the other half. The lines move from the back of the box to the front (-1 to 1) and are placed back at -1 if they become greater than 1. Lines are better than dots because they provide a nice motion blur appearance. You can interact with effect by pressing the appropriate buttons. If you change the angle you can make it look like rain, heavy rain or a slow drizzle. You only need the void draw_stardust() function, the rest of the code is just there to for the demo purpose and is not needed.


The controls are on the screen

Wiimote.svg Action
Wiimote - Button / Wiimote + Button Nothing
Wiimote A Button Randomly switch the 2 colors
Wiimote B Button Increase the thickness of the lines
Wiimote D-Pad Change the effect angle in 3d
Wiimote 2 Button reduce the number of stars/lines drawn on screen
Wiimote 1 Button increase the number of stars/lines drawn on screen
Wiimote HOME Button Return

Demonstration Videos


I love to hear your feedback, please leave your comments and experiences on the talkpage!


Version 1.1 - July 04, 2012

Minor fixes and recompile to support new wii controllers