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==== Is there any chance at all that Nintendo can or will brick a Wii that already has the Homebrew Channel? ====
A: Possible, but unlikely. It's far more likely that a future Nintendo update could ''*accidentally'' * conflict with the HBC. Keep checking on WiiBrew before installing any updates and you'll likely be safe. One thing they ''have'' tried: [ System Menu 4.2 attempts to delete the Homebrew Channel and DVDX on startup]. [ Updated versions of the HBC, DVDX, etc. were issued the next day] with new [[Title ID]]s for the HBC and DVDX, though, so this doesn't really seem to have done much harm. Nintendo's buggy boot2 update code (also in the System Menu 4.2 update), on the other hand, could and did brick some systems ''regardless'' of whether or not they had any traces of homebrew on them.
==== Does a software-only modification void my warranty? ====


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