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| type = utility
| author = [[User:marcmax|Marc]]
| version = v1.2.1| download = http://wwwusuaris.megauploadtinet.comcat/mark/page/?d=UOJI8RCXbrawlstats-english
| peripherals = {{Wiimote}} {{GCNController}} {{FrontSD}}
| hbb = yes
It can be like a database of your Brawl matches.
<font color="red">'''IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are updating from older betas you must move your .bss files from sd:/brawlstats to sd:/config/brawlstats and also copy the new meta.xml overwriting the old one.'''</font>
* warns user if a session was not created correctly (due to a corrupted SD card, for example)
* shows a loading bar when reading sessions from SD
=== v1.2.1 (2011.10.15) ===
* improved compatibility with some SD cards
* fixes the corrupted sessions bug

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