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{{Infobox homebrew
| title = MiiInfo
| version = 12.0GUI
| type = utility
| licence = GPL
| author = [[User:Wentstorm|Wentstorm]]
| download =
| source = Ask me for
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
*Can select the mii pressing the + and -
*Back to the loader by pressing home
==version 2.0 GUI==
*Re coded in GRRlib
*Added a cursor
*Added buttons for select Mii(s)
*Added a font for write the info
==Screen Shoot==
[[category:Homebrew in Development]]
Big thank to [[User:mdbrim|Mdbrim]] for [[libmii]], ad for the help in their use, and for the help in GRRlib use. Other thanks: [[PNGUGRRLIB]] author, Lib PNG author, [[Libogc]] authors and all those who made possible the development of Homebrews for Wii.


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