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===0.4 : Death of the Memory Hog and revenge of the IOSith (5 April 2010)===
*Added support of all versions of the EU/US system menus(JP/KR are untested)
*New entrypoint. this means:
**Old forwarders should work again.
**Many other memory related restrictions should be gone.
*Added support for more usb USB hard drives.*Added an option to ask for a password either when entering priiloader Priiloader menu or doing autoboot. (*:'''NOTE : ''' this -CAN- '''''can''''' lock you out of your own wiiWii. please Please be very careful with this).*Added a menu to list all installed Wiiware/VC titles and start one.*Added a new magic word to force system menu to be started. (the The word is "Pune")*Added an option to redirect Gecko output to the screen instead of to a USBGecko.*:'''NOTE:''' this slows down priiloader DRASTICLYPriiloader DRASTICALLY*Fixed loads of minor bugs.
===0.3b (16 Jan 2010)===


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