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| title = Wii Brew SD Installer
# Installs the [[Homebrew apps/Homebrew Browser|Homebrew Browser v0.2.3b]] for use with the [[Homebrew Channel]]
# Allows users to select what files they want installed on SD Card
<&lt;br />
== Updates ==
== Compatible Wii Firmware ==
Wii firmwares up to and including the 23rd of October update, but no further. This will not work with the 3.4 Update!
== Files Installed on SD Card ==
== Download ==
'''Version 1.5'''
<&lt;br />[ Wii Brew SD Installer]<&lt;br /><&lt;br />
'''SD Card Format Tool'''
<&lt;br />[ Format Tool]
== Change Log ==
Version '''1.5'''
*Updated [[Homebrew Channel|Homebrew Channel to Beta 9]]
*Removed DVDX installer app (Download through Homebrew browser)
*Smaller overall file size (2.87mb)
<&lt;br />
Version '''1.4'''
*Updated Homebrew Browser (v0.2.1b)
*Added DVDX installer app
<&lt;br />
Version '''1.3'''
*Added Homebrew Browser (v0.2.0b)
*Removed all Wiibrew App Packages (Easier to just use Homebrew Browser on Wii)
*Smaller overall file size (2.96mb)
<&lt;br />
Version '''1.2'''
*Added new twilight hack files 0.1beta1
*Installer now loads how to video from web
*Smaller overall file size (11mb)
<&lt;br />
Version '''1.1'''
*Fixed missing installer link to RVL-RZDE-0A-2 USA
OS: Windows
*9x, 2000, XP and Vista
*x64 & amp; x86
== Contact ==
[ Big Bang Theory]


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