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This page is a list of homebrew applications that are currently in development.
== Usage ==
* Make a page for your application '''in your userspace'''
* Ensure that you add the following to your project's page: ''&lt;<nowiki>[[Category:Homebrew in Development]]&lt;</nowiki>''
* Add your app details to this page in the right category
* Provide some contact information (email or a link to your user page)
| Vehicle Battle/Race (overhead view), C++ using gccore only
| [[User:Titmouse|Titmouse]]
| In progress - changed 2D to 3D overhead view as this allows camera &amp; other stuff not possible in 2d. Loads maps, gfx, fonts &amp; Lwo objects - have effects like cars leaving tire marks that remain everywhere.
| [[User:MANICX100/Wii-hive Bedlam|Wii-hive Bedlam]]
| [ Cube Engine Wii]
| A port of the [ Cube Engine] to the Wii
| [;thread_id=1998 scanf and SheeEttin]
| In development


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