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If you have the latest git of libogc, available from git:// if you have a git client, you can use the following code to start the shop channel and jump to a specific product:
WII_LaunchTitleWithArgs(0x0001000248414241LL, 0,"/startup?initpage=showTitle&amp;titleId=*FULLTITLEID*", NULL /*terminator*/ );
where *FULLTITLEID* is the full ID in hex of the software.
For example, to open the European version of Columns on the Megadrive in the European version of Wii Shop Channel, you would use:
WII_LaunchTitleWithArgs(0x0001000248414241LL, 0,"/startup?initpage=showTitle&amp;titleId=000100014d414250", NULL /*terminator*/ );


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