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== How it works ==
BootMii is a modified version of [[boot2]], which is loaded by [[boot1]], which is loaded by [[boot0]]. '''boot0''' is part of [[Hollywood]] and read-only. '''boot1''', although stored on the [[NAND]], is signed by a value in write-once memory and therefore cannot be changed without rendering a console unable to boot. '''boot2''', however, can be modified (with some restrictions). This means it can be hacked, updated, and corrupted. BootMii hijacks the [[boot process ]] before the normal '''boot2''' is run, optionally allowing code to be run directly from the SD Card. This has many advantages, such as making it very difficult to [[brick]], and slowing Nintendo from blocking homebrew. Unfortunately, the only way we could completely stop Nintendo from blocking homebrew is by patching updates on-the-fly, or somehow preventing overwriting '''boot2'''. Along with the [[System Menu 4.2]] update, Nintendo released a new version of '''boot2''' (boot2v4); there is nothing in boot2v4 that prevents BootMii from working, but it will overwrite an existing BootMii installation when it is installed.
== Compatibility ==


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