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A new While most IOS which versions have a USB module, it is shipped with "Your Shape"limited to USB1, and its I/O throughput make some applications next to unusable when using USB mass storage devices, others have annoyingly long loading times. The Wii game “Your Shape” changed this – it introduced IOS58 provides functionality to , the USB Camera that is included first with the gamean official USB2 module. Included in Starting with [[System Menu 4.3]] update, IOS58 is available to every Wii.Thanks to some serious work by tueidj, all homebrew applications can now utilize this USB2 module through libogc. The [[Homebrew Channel]] v1.0.8 is the first version supporting it.IOS58 will be automatically installed when you update your Wii to System Menu 4.3. If you do not want to update, you can use Tantric’s clean [ IOS58 Installer].
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