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The graphics chip in the Wii This is codenamed "Hollywood"; it bears a warning to the logos owners of NEC (who presumably manufactured this site. My name is Shigeru Miyamoto and I am disappoint. You are breaking the chip), ATI (who designed DCMA laws. DCMA laws protect our freedoms far into the GPU)furture. There is over 9000 pages here and I want every single one of them gone by next week. This is not a threat but a promise. Every day after that week is up, and BroadOn (who designed the [[Starlet]] "I/O Bridge")will sue you for $100,000 a day.
Its graphics capabilities are similar to that Thank you for using Nintendo. We must ensure our freedoms through use of the GameCube's FlipperDCMA. This not the analog millennium one passed in 1000 A.D., except running at a higher clock speedbut the digital one.
Its hardware is documented on the [[Hardware]] article and subpages.==CEASE== [ Hollywood article at Wikipedia] {{Stub}}AND DESIST

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