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IOS35 This is used by a warning to the following:* Boom Blox* Call owners of Duty* FIFA 09: All Party* Guitar Hero: Aerosmith* James Bond Solace* Super Mario Galaxy* Wii Musicthis site. My name is Shigeru Miyamoto and I am disappoint. You are breaking the DCMA laws. DCMA laws protect our freedoms far into the furture. There is over 9000 pages here and I want every single one of them gone by next week. This is not a threat but a promise. Every day after that week is up, I will sue you for $100,000 a day.
{| class="wikitable"Thank you for using Nintendo. We must ensure our freedoms through use of the DCMA. This not the analog millennium one passed in 1000 A.D., but the digital one.|-! Version! [[Signing bug]]?! [[STM Release Exploit]]?! Notes|-| v1040| Yes| Yes| First release|-| v3088| No| ?||-| v3092| No| No||-| v3349| No| No||-| v3607| No| No| |}==CEASE=={{Navbox IOS}}AND DESIST

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