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== Features Of v4.3.x ==
* '''Region Free Wii Games''' - Allows you to Play Import Titles.
* '''IOS Selection''' - Allows you to select which IOS you would like to use.
* '''Disable HAXX, DVDX, RZDx Checks''' - Disables the System Menu from blocking Homebrew.
* '''Block Disc Updates''' - Blocks updates which have been embedded in Discs.
* '''Block Online Updates''' - Prevents online updates being installed.
* '''Region Free Channels''' - Allow installation of any region Channels.
* '''Region Free GC Games No VM Patch''' - Removes region restrictions on Gamecube games.
* '''Remove NoCopy Protection (Need To Install ALL Five)''' - Removes the Save File Copy Protection, which prevents Save Files from being copied to SD Cards.
* '''Move Disc Channel''' - Enables the Disc Channel to be moved.
* '''No Menu BG Music''' - Removes the System Menu's background music.
* '''Recovery Mode 4th GC DPad UP''' - Allows you to enter the Wii's Recovery Mode easily.
* '''Remove Diag Disc Check''' - Remove Diagnostic Disc check.
* '''Auto-Press A At Health Screen''' - Automatically presses "A" for you at the Health Screen.
* '''Replace Health Screen with Backmenu ''' - No longer displays black/white health warning screen, so no need to press A, it will go straight to the channels screen.
== Features Of v4.2.x ==


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