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'''NUS Folders Renamer''' is a console application written in Visual Basic .NET with Visual Studio 2008.
With this PC based tool, you can easily rename folders created by '''[[NUS Downloader]]'''. '''NUS Folders Renamer''' automatically copies the contents in the correct folders.
== Installation ==
Extract the contents inside your '''[[NUS Downloader]]''' folder.
== Usage ==
Run '''[[NUS Downloader]]'''. After '''NUSD[[NUS Downloader]]''' is done downloading, double-click on NusFoldersRenamer.exe. It will create some folders in the same folder that contains all the files you just downloaded from '''[[NUS downloaderDownloader]]''', all downloaded files are saved in the correct folders. This tool works only with any valid folder created by '''[[NUS Downloader]]'''.
For example, some apps need the files in the \00000001\00000024\v1042 format instead of the 0000000100000024v1042 format '''NUSD[[NUS Downloader]]''' puts them in. So this is great for offline installations of custom IOS.


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