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Ahh I follow your directions in ==Regarding #wiidev==See [[Channel_FAQ|the tutorial, and I get Channel FAQ]]==Other questions==See [[Wiibrew_FAQ|the green arrows, but they always go away after a minute, and I canWiibrew FAQ]]==What i'm looking for isn't get it to work with glovepie there==Try [ searching] or wiinmote[ googling]. any suggestions? -Jacob Be sure If you are holding 1 and 2 the entire time because I think absolutely certain that your mote is failing on the pair before you finish it. You may need to remove the battery cover and try it with the red button instead. -Ch0p grr, with the red button I canisn't even get the green arrows to show. oh btw when the green arrows are there before all the right click menu has is 'connect to device' and'properties.' When I get the green arrows up the found new hardware wizard comes up for on the wiimote(bluetooth HID virtual keyboard)internet, yet it will not work with any software. -Jacob Hi guys! Thank's then consider asking for putting in all the hard work in coming up with marvelous homebrew for the Wii. I wanted to ask you all how it is you learned to do all the things you doon wiidev. How did you learn to program? How did you learn about the intricacies of hardware? Where did the vast body of knowledge Be aware that you use to do these kinds of projects come from? By projects I mean more than just Wii homebrew. I mean firmware development, circuit design, programming languages etc. Where did you learn about not even we have all of these things? Also, how do you find the time to pursue them? I am a computer fanatic and am relatively skilled when it comes to dealing with your everyday computers. I understand how to use a computer and I know how to do basic repairs (registry editingawnsers, hard drive replacement/checking, data recovery, etc.) and I know a little C++stupid questions will be ignored, a few fragments of Java (barely)banned, and some basic Perl but I cannot begin to comprehend the world of low-level computing. Dealing with chip schematics, connecting different components on a circuit board, working with[[Channel_FAQ/creating kernelsHall_Of_Shame|HOSed, etc are all things that I wish to learn to be able to do but I have no idea where I would start. I figured that a community of developers who are experienced with these things would be able help. Maybe you guys could write a page for people like me showing people where to go to learn these things so that others may learn and eventually participate in future projects. I am terribly sorry if my question(s) is(are) unclear and I apologize for disrupting your work and using your time. Thank's for your help! (I would like to note that I did read the FAQ and so on before writing this]] or worse.)

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