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Is there any way to add SDHC support to this program? If I run on it on an SDHC card, the program crashes. I took look at the source and in the makefile there is a line saying USE_FAT = TRUE, so I'm guessing that for some reason, it is restricted to a standard SD Card. I would try to compile it, but the source code is missing the following .h files: "main_bg_png.h", "button_minus_png.h", "button_plus_png.h", "button_one_png.h", "button_a_png.h", "button_home_png.h"
== v0.2.4 ==
It's not working here. Whenever I try to get the latest or a random FML it crashes. "_n_range_check" tells you something? I can't clearly see the output because it's at the corner. --[[User:Aruskano|Aruskano]] 21:01, 19 March 2010 (UTC)


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