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=== Downgrading? ===
The best possible firmware for homebrew users Downgrading is 3.2. If you are unable to install a legal cIOS (PatchMii) or downgrade via tona's [[AnyRegion Changer]], you cannot downgrade legally. In that case, don't talk downgrading here. If you are able to downgrade legally, WiiBrew still recommends 'not downgrading with a certain downgrader (not named [[AnyRegion Changer]]) because that downgrader does not actually downgrade ''everything'' like it claims torecommended.In short: We recommend Every Wii system menu version will work equally well with homebrew at the moment and the risk of downgrading with [[AnyRegion Changer]] or is not downgrading at allworth the danger.
== For Even More Help ==


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