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== Changelog ==
=== 1.6 - 19 February 2010 ===
* USB support added for loading and saving OpenTyrian data files (make sure all files in /popkey and /tyrian subdirectories are in place; tyrian.sav, tyrian.cfg and joystick.conf are optional).
* Several background code optimizations not yet reflecting in game performance.
* OSK bugfix: "9" now works on both name input screens.
* Bugfix for "Low" detail text display in Pause menu.
* Default detail level set to "Pentium"
* Fix for default HAT assignments (used to assign all directions to HAT-left).
* Joystick configuration menu completely reworked
** Now displays name of joystick at top instead of number.
** Also displays button names instead of numbers now.
** Finally, DPAD directions dynamically displayed based on whether Classic is plugged in or not.
=== 1.5.0 - 14 February 2010 ===


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