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1.5.0 release
* Full input choice (you can use any Wiimote, classic controller or GC pad, no matter the sync, as well as the keyboard).
* SD and SDHC support from the front SD slot.
* NEW - Fully configurable and savable button mappings for all controllers (see Custom Button Assignments for help).
== Controls ==
Here's a list of controller button numbers for your customization pleasure.
'''NOTE:''' As of 1.15.20, Joystick configuration custom button assignment saving has been temporarily disabled until I can figure out reenabled! Customize at your leisure! Below is a list of buttons on the Wiimote or Classic controller and what's corrupting the cfg. That means GC pads their number assignment equivalents are fully in the mix (except for the joysticks. I havenIn case you't figured out yet how re having trouble finding one you want to enable them). I have released two config files, one for horizontal gameplay, one for the nunchuk combodisable. Because of this, all default controls will now be listed. Just make sure to get the config file for the method of play you want.
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In order to make a reassignment, in the Joystick menu, using the "RETURN" button, select the function you wish to reassign, press the button that is assigned for that controller/expansion, then select the function again and press the button you wish to use. Defaults currently only set the Wiimote+Nunchuk combo buttons by itself, and are really not set properly. However, it's possible to make button assignments with just the Classic Controller at the same time (I think the defaults are pretty intuitiveWiimote, though :))or in any combination.
== About ==
* Network status unknown.
* GC pad joystick does not work (buttons and D-pad do).
* In Save menu, when using the keyboard, cannot type save names, Enter does not "RETURN" and confirm the save. Use Wiimote A button or Classic Controller b button (defaults).
== Changelog ==
=== 1.5.0 - 14 February 2010 ===
* Massive core update finally completed. This core update includes many improvements, such as:
** Joystick configurations now savable. No corruption has yet occurred through dozens of saving/loading cycles.
** Game is much more stable. Random crashes seem nonexistent.
** Sound distortions are at an all-time low. Pops/crackles hardly noticeable, if at all.
* This core update also includes all previous improvements, such as the on-screen keyboard and menu exclusions/changes to avoid any possible problems resulting from settings incompatible with the Wii.
=== 1.2.0 - 09 June 2009 ===


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