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added 1.0v4 by giantpune. I hope this cool with everyone. I couln't find MrClick to ask.
| type = utility
| author = [[User:Lockhool|MrClick]]
| version = 1.0 v4 / 1.0 v3| download = [ Download1.0v3] [ Mirrormirror1.0v3][ 1.0v4]  
| website = AnyTitle Deleter DB
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
== History ==
=== 1.0 v4 ===
* checks the first .app file instead of just to allow more names to be found.
* for 0x10000 type TID, it checks the data and content folders. if there is 0 items in the data and only a title.tmd in the content, it puts a TMD! by the name (if the IOS will let it).
* there are 2 flavors, one that just uses the highest IOS counting down from 36 and one that uses 249.
<small>* Updated code by giantpune, added here by Wilsoff, please remove if offended!</small>
=== 1.0 v3 ===
* added support for different levels of info being displayed in the title list
* added some control tweaks
* Based on the original AnyTitle Deleter code by tona (C) 2008


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