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|type = pc utility
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'''''ARCTool''''' is a Python script for extracting Yaz0, RARC, and U8 archives. These are used in many Nintendo games, and sometimes have the extension arc, hence the name.
<pre><nowiki>python [-q] [-o <output>] <inputfile>[inputfile2] ... [inputfileN]</nowiki></pre>
<pre>--version: show program's version number and exit<br>-h, --help: show this help message and exit<br>-o OFFILE/DIR, --output=OF: FILE/DIR write archive output to FILE<br>/DIR. If you are extracting multiple archives, all of them will be put in this dir.-q, --quiet: don't print anything (except errors)</pre>
==Known Bugs==
*Fixed a bug in the U8 extractor where it would not change directories properly. I know I said it was 100% working, but the bug was not triggered by the archives I was using to test.
*Now supports extracting multiple archives at once. Just specify them one after another on the command line.
*Initial release


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