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The '''Wii Shop Channel''' is the place Nintendo created to buy/download official software from the internet directly to your Wii. You can download lots of different content for your Wii, this includes new channels, virtual console [[Virtual Console]] games and Wiiware. You have to pay for all virtual console-games or Wiiware, you do this The latter two must be purchased by either buying a points card in your game-at a retail store, or by entering your credit-card into the channel. Some channels are available for free download, this includes such as the [[Check Mii Out Channel]], [[Everybody Votes Channel]], [[Nintendo Channel]], and the [[Internet Channel]].<br /> In order to use the Wii Shop channelChannel, you have to configure your Wii's connection settings.It uses a secure connection to the servers, so we cannot sniff it. In previous versions of the channel, the connection wasn't secured, read more about those findings at .[ ] Please note that these are outdated, and may have changed in newer versions.<br /> 
You can also [[Accessing Wii Shop Channel From PC|access the Wii Shop Channel from a PC]], but it will not look as it does on the Wii, because the HTML refers to Wii-specific fonts and Wii-specific JavaScript APIs. We've tried using these codes on the Internet Channel without success.
To find out used URLs and IPs check this page out refer to the [[]]article.
The Wii Shop Channel's title ID is 0x0001000248414241 (HABA), and for Korean Wiis, 0x000100024841424B (HABK).
If you have the latest git of libogc, available from git:// if you have a git client, you can use the following code to start the shop channel and jump to a specific product:
WII_LaunchTitleWithArgs(0x0001000248414241LL, 0,"/startup?initpage=showTitle&titleId=*FULLTITLEID*", NULL /*terminator*/ );
where *FULLTITLEID* is the full ID in hex of the software.<br /> 
For example, to open the European version of Columns on the Megadrive in the European version of Wii Shop Channel, you would use:


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