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| author = [[User:Gannon|Gannon]]
| version = 0.23
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Source is included with the binary file.
== Wanted Boot To URL ==Looking for people To boot to test this more. The same code did not work a month ago for me while compiling with devkitPro r17specific page, place a file in the directory you are loading bootOpera from titled "url. I currently have [[Preloader/Third Party Mods/phpgeek|preloader]] installed and am compiling cfg" with [[devkitPPC|devkitPro r18]]. == To Do ==Expand to allow access the URL you wish to all installed channels through loader. Not sure on this yet. Have all the code laying around load written in other projects though, just would have to piece it together.
== Version History ==
'''0.3''': Added support for booting straight to a given URL.
'''0.2''': First release
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