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IOS55 is an IOS that only three newer games appear to use -- "Need for Speed: Undercover", "Sonic and the Black Knight", "Wii Sports Resort" and "The Conduit".
This IOS is presumably required by Undercover to make a Logitech USB steering wheel work. However, this does not explain why the other games require it although, in the case of The Conduit, it is possible that there is a connection between its usage and support for the Wii Speak periphal peripheral (it has been reported that both [[IOS38]] and IOS55 are required by the official Nintendo Wii Speak channel).
Typically, if a game that requires this IOS is started without it (via brickblocker or a Starfall update skip, for example), then the screen will turn blue and a white-text error message "Error #002" will appear. The Conduit behaves somewhat differently as it will simply display a black screen before freezing.
Installation from the Undercover disc keeps [[System Menu 3.3]] and does not(!) install [[System Menu 3.4]], assuming the user's Wii didn't already have 3.4. On the other hand, The Conduit appears to contain a complete [[System Menu 3.4]] update. When launching Donkey Kong Jungle Beat(Wii) and Excite Bots with Gecko OS it says appear to require IOS55 required when on System Menu 3.2USas well.


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