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Robot: Cosmetic changes
Is there really such a big difference between the Wireless and the original Nunchuk ?
:In terms of operation, there should be no difference. If there were a difference then games that require the nunchuk would not work unless they were hardcoded with explicit support for the new expansion type. My first thought would be to check to see if it's slow in any Wii games. If it's not then that's strange; if it is then the nunchuk must be doing something internally with the wiimote that it probably shouldn't be doing. This response was probably no help to you, but the bottom line is if it's slow the root cause is most likely in the way the receiver device is interacting with the wiimote internally. -- [[User:Para|Para]] 12:18, 29 May 2008 (PDT)
::No, I don't see any problem with any Wii-Game. Some WiiMote Lib's, which supporting the original Nunchuk perfectly, toggle between Nothing inserted and Partially inserted when Wireless Nunchuk pluged in and no Data is streamed from the Nunchuk. Its extrem strange!!!! I got no glue !
:I would render a guess that the wireless nunchuck is designed to respond to the series of reports sent to the wiimote by official games, and that homebrew libs aren't doing things in exactly the same order, so something isn't quite working right. In any case, are we able to read actual input from them, and just not calibration data? In this case, it might be possible to provide limited support, especially if it were just for the analog joystick and the buttons. (I don't know of any homebrew that uses the nunchuck's motion sensing.) --[[User:Thegamefreak0134|Thegamefreak0134]] 05:40, 7 January 2009 (UTC)
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: – I thought so to when I got this behavior in Wiiuse, 0x20-0x40 was 0xff (I have a Logic3 Wireless Nunchuck). But when I try it in the Dolphin emulator with real Wii games I see the same problem, it actually sends the Wii game 0xff for 0x20-0x40. However it still works, probably because Wii games ignore bad calibration values (unlike Wiiuse 0.12 which I had to manually give my actual Nunchuck calibration values before the nunchuck_event() function worked). My nunchuck neutral values are close to
Does the guitar have a separate tilt sensor, or do they use the Wii Remote accelerometer? [[User:Inio|inio]] 13:57, 2 March 2008 (PST)
:It does not have an accelerometer. The guitar is very similar in operation to the classic controller with a couple major differences: (1) obviously it's in a guitar-like housing, (2) it does not have any calibration data (at least it would appear not to) which is necessary to accurately use with whammy bar and joystick, and (3) it has two bytes changed for its unique device identifier. -- [[User:Para|Para]] 07:17, 13 March 2008 (PDT)
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