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[ meta.xml Example]
[[]] - ZIP containing the meta.xml for alpha v0.73 and an icon.png
== README ==
=== Quitting ===
To quit, press home on wiimote 1.<br/>press yellow fret on quitar.<br/>press c on nunchuk connected to wiimote 1.<br/>press home on classic controller.<br/>press A on wiimote 1.<br/>
=== settings for version alpha v1.10 + ===
In a folder on the root of the sd called data create a folder called wws and make :-
* pass.txt containing your password<br/>* port.txt containing the custom port number<br/>
* wwwo.txt 1 for using /www on root or 0 for /data/web
If the above files aren't found then the following defaults will be used
* pass.txt - all options that require a password are disabled<br/>* port.txt - defaults to port 80<br/>
* wwwo.txt - defaults to the same as 0 which is /data/web
Put files on in the same directories as you would on the sd card, i.e in usb://data/web/<p>
If, for example, your file is usb://data/web/index.html, then the link to it is /usb/index.html, <br/>if it is linked to as /index.html, then wii web server will load the index off of the sd card in sd://data/web/index.html
I am in need of help in order to advance the wii web server to alpha v1.5 +<br/>
A list of things that i need help with are below :
* Fixing undone things in the bugs section
=== How to submit ===
Because i use windblows, i am unable to use .patch files, so instead, a source file like below should be sent to me at the address listed in the bugs section, or by posting it here. '''It MUST be in C'''<br/>
<source lang="c">
|[ alpha v1.10]
|Added option to have pages in /www directory to be compatible with [[Wiihttpd]](default uses /data/web)<br/>Added option to change port number to run on (Default : 80)<br/>Added option to set a password for admin based tasks (not yet used)(no default)<br/>Stabilised libhttp some more<br/>Now shuts down cleanly (unmounts devices, closes sockets, e.t.c)<br/>
Better "HEAD" method support
|[ alpha v1.00]
|Very basic admin page (not yet worth looking at) at /admin<br/>More stable<br/>Started to develop and intergrate [[User:Cboomf/LibHTTP]]<br/>Added ability to use a custom error page for any errors<br/>
Directories no longer need a / at the end
|[ alpha v0.93]
|Less junk<br/>More options of quitting to allow for more hardware choices<br/>Now re-enabled custom 404 and 505 error pages, use is described above in readme<br/>
|[ alpha v0.92]
|[ alpha v0.91]
|Vast speed improvements<br/>Increased stability when using 404 and 500 errors<br/>?? Temporarily disabled custom error pages ??<br/>Changed from fat0:// to sd:// to fit in with new Libfat<br/>Moved source from sourceforge cvs to sourceforge svn<br/>
More supported file types
Fixed directoried ending in / not going to /index.html
|[ alpha v0.9]<br/>
[ wiiweb.xml v rc1]
|Recompiled for HBC 9 beta<br/>
Now has a sane download name
|[ alpha v0.82]<br/>
[ wiiweb.xml v rc1]
|New stipped down wiiweb.xml<br/>Removed buggy //quit (might return later)<br/>Now use the same method of quitting as ftpii and wiihttpd<br/>using a threaded home button detection routine<br/>
Small code improvements and removed unused code
|[ alpha v0.81]<br/>
[ wiiweb.xml v b3]
|Uses new wiiweb.xml which causes less crashes <br/>and //quit?''password'' works 99% of the time.<br/>
Various bug fixes from the table below
|[ alpha v0.8]<br/>
[ wiiweb.xml v b2]
|Added threading support and management<br/>
SD code tweaks
|[ alpha v0.77]<br/>
[ wiiweb.xml v b2]
|Added custom 404 error page<br/>Added custom 500 error page<br/>Added custom denied error page<br/>More //quit security checks<br/>
Solved two stability issues
Uses the new wiiweb.xml
|[ alpha v0.76]<br/>
[ wiiweb.xml v b1]
|Added the option of a custom password to shut<br/>the server remotely using //quit?password (see README)<br/>
Removed /img (old)
|[ alpha v0.75]
|Removed /tux and /yak.jpg (old and deprecated)<br/>Minor speed improvements<br/>Date and time in the header<br/>
|[ alpha v0.74]
|When //quit is requested it has to be approved by pressing A or B<br/>Slightly shortened the time it takes to be ready after each request<br/>
|[ alpha v0.73]
|Security bugfixes<br/>Added "HEAD" method support<br/>Added space in file name support<br/>Fixed disallowance of ../ or ./ for security<br/>Added .bin file support<br/>
Sends server version in header
|[ alpha v0.71]
|Adds .wmv support<br/>
Added error 500 for server errors
|[ alpha v0.7]
|Doesn't exception out when a file or page cannot be found<br/>
Will now serve a "404 Page not found" page
|[ alpha v0.61]
|Removed the /a and the old testpages since they are no longer needed.<br/>
Smaller code.
|[ alpha v0.6]
|Can now send any file size (thanks to joedj's ftpii write_exact function)<br/>Ditched GRRLib to make the server smaller in size<br/>
Cleaned up the sources
|[ alpha v0.3]
|Added wiimote support<br/>Added image support<br/>
Added /img image test link
|[ alpha v0.24b]
|Bug fixes for 0.24a<br/>
//a is now back to /a, but //quit is still there for other reasons
|[ alpha v0.24]
|Changed /a to //a and /quit to //quit to avoid conflicts<br/>
Request parser rewritten, now quicker and more streamlined
|[ alpha v0.23]
|Now doesn't have to restart the server to serve more than one page <br/>(i.e pressing B then A)<br/>
Quitting the server is from a server path of "/quit"
|[ alpha v0.2]
|Now serves a built in test page<br/>No longer needs telnet<br/>
Forced use of HTTP/1.1
|[ alpha v0.1]
|Added Gamecube control menu control<br/>Added GRRLIB logo<br/>Added return to loader<br/>Opens port 80<br/>Opens a socket and allows for connection<br/>
Accepts connection on open socket at port 80
== Bug fixing ==
If anyone has an idea or a fix then a patch (not in a .patch file) could be submitted to me by any means !!!<br/>
Preferebly @ luke dot bridges at gmail dot com
''This is almost community based !! :-)''
Cboomf - Main code<br/>Felix123 - SD card code<br/>Teknecal - Threading basis, %20 handling, HEAD method routine, time in headers<br/>Joedj - the write_exact function from ftpii<br/>Muzer - pre-release testing<br/>Henke37 - advise and help<br/>Lines - the icon.png that most people and the admin page uses<br/>Ruby - first gui graphics<br/>
Twiizers - starting the ball rolling
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