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{{Infobox system menu
|reldateusa = ''Unknown''February 25, 2008|reldatejap = ''Unknown''February 25, 2008|reldateeur = ''Unknown''February 25, 2008
|olderver = 3.1
|newerver = 3.3
This is typically considered the best System Menu for homebrew, as Nintendo had not yet updated and removed the trucha [[signing bug|Trucha (fakesigning) bug ]] from the contained IOS.
If you have a System Menu below 3.2 and wish to upgrade, use [[AnyRegion Changer]] to update to 3.2.
<B> '''WARNING </B> :''' Be advise advised that if your system is shipped with 4.0 installed on it alreadypreinstalled, you can not downgrade and will brick your console.
If you have a System Menu above 3.2 and wish to downgrade, [[AnyRegion Changer]] can do this too, and it appears to do a more thorough job than some other tools. See [[WiiBrew:FAQ#Downgrading?]].
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