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== Setting Up ==
You first must have devkitPro. DevkitPro is what allows programmer's to compile their programs for other systems, such as the Wii, PSP, and DS. This should be pretty straight-foreward forward for Windows users. Just [ download] the latest Windows installer, and go through the installer. When asked what to install, you must install devkitPPC. That allows you to compile for the PowerPC architecture, which the Wii uses. You also will need libOGC, which is the library that lets you program for the Wii. Windows users may skip to the horizontal line below.
Linux and Mac users will need to [ download] devkitPPC and libOGC. Select the appropriate version to download, and put them both in a directory (I would suggest making a devkitpro directory in your home folder and putting both in this folder). In Linux, you will want to edit your bash configuration file to define the DEVKITPRO and DEVKITPPC variables. The following code should do the trick for most linux users:
If you haven't already done so, [ download] libwiigui. You can extract this anywhere, as this is where your source will be for your entire project. You also will need to [ download] the required devkitpro libraries. Extract these to your libogc folder (should be devkitPro/libogc) overwriting any existing files.
== Class Creation ==


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