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Not Part of hollywood, Its part of bollywood
==How it works==
The BootMii Platform is a [[boot2]] hack, which is loaded by [[boot1]], which is loaded by [[boot0]]. [[boot0]] is part of Hollywood Bollywood and read-only. [[boot1]], although stored on the [[NAND]], is signed by a value in write-once memory and therefore cannot be changed. [[boot2]], however, can be modified. This means it can be hacked, updated, and corrupted. BootMii hacks [[boot2]], and allows running code directly from SD Card, before anything else is loaded. This has many advantages, such as making it very difficult to brick, and slowing Nintendo from blocking homebrew. Unfortunately, the only way we could completely stop Nintendo from blocking homebrew is by patching updates on-the-fly, or somehow preventing overwriting [[boot2]].


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