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== Settiiiings.ini ==If you want, you can put a settiiiings.ini file in the same directory as the game (root of the sd for wiiload) and change some of the defaults with it. This is entirely optional.<br>You can set how many pieces are needed in a line to win, adjust the size of the board or set the AI difficulty (setting this to 10 or higher will introduce noticeable lag). See the included settiiiings.ini for way more details.<br><br>The included settiiiings.ini may be messed up when opened with an editor that doesn't understand *nix line endings. Either [ get an editor] that can read these files (good to have in general), or start nagging random people to format it for windows. I know I said future versions will have a notepad happy settiiiings.ini, but I am back to coding on linux and don't feel like doing the windows thing every time.
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