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Quake Wii

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{{Infobox homebrewapphomebrew| title = QuakeWii| image = [[ImageFile:QuakeWii.png]]| desc = Quake port for the Wii| type = Port/Gameplatform game
| author = [[User:Piko|Piko]]
| maintainer = | contributor = | portedby = | version = 0.0908| licence = | download = [ Quake 0.0908]| website = | discussion = | source = [ Quake 0.09 08 Source]| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}} {{SensorBar}} {{nunchuckNunchuk}} {{ClassicController}} {{GCNController}} {{WiiZapper}} {{USBKeyboard}} {{FrontSDHC}} {{WiFi}} {{Internet}}| hbc = 1| hbb = 0yes
A branch of Eluan's [[QuakeGX]] port.
== Merging with QuakeGX ==
Eluan has begun work on merging version 0.08 into the main branch of QuakeGX. From there we can properly code in new features. As I'm not much good at Wii coding (all I'm really doing is patching stuff in), Eluan will be able to help big time. So hopefully this page will no longer be needed soon.
== Instructions ==
* Copy the PAK0.PAK (and PAK1.PAK if you own the full version) file to /apps/quake/ID1 on your SD card.
* The game should appear on the [[Homebrew Channel]] menu.
* Rip the original 10 tracks from the Quake CD into mp3s. Or pick 10 of your own mp3s.
* Name the mp3s "1.mp3" threw "10.mp3", and copy them to /apps/quake/music.
* Rock!
== Release Notes ==
'''Piko GX 0.09Roll Back'''*Mp3 support, place the tracks of Quake oneI'm rolling back to version 0.08, or any mp3s if you want, into "/apps/quake/music", then name them "<Track Number>downloaded version 0.mp3" so tack one would be "1.mp3". Quake only had 10 tacks09-0. So you'll never here 11please download version 0.mp308.*Using Q1Rev sound driverSorry about this, it uses asndbut I'm noticing some new bugs, and I don't think I want to release it in it's cleanercurrent form. I'll try to get version 0.12 released as soon as possible.
*Fixed compatibility bugs with libogc 1.7.*.
*TCP Client enabled, thanks Q1Rev.
*Better nunchuck nunchuk controls. *Shouldn't need nunchuck nunchuk reattached to be detected.
*Removed old file system access methods.
*Bug fixes.
'''(GX 1.00)'''
*Loading id1 data from USB drive, or DVD.-UNTESTED
*Being able to host network games.
*Connection to master server to get Quake-Wii server list.
*Redone menus using WiiGUI.-WORKING*In menu mod loading, or configuration file so you can execute QuakeGX with different arguments.-WORKING
*Ability to use Classic controller, and Balance board for controls.
*Keyboard Support -DONE
*Mouse Support
*Ability to play original sound track. -DONE

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