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===Milestone #1 (0.05)===
:*Client network capability. -DONE:*Compatibility with libOGC 1.7.1a, and devkitPPC r16. 2 Bugs remaining:*Enhanced input system. -DONE:*Fixed on screen keyboard -DONE
===Milestone #2===
:*Loading id1 data from USB drive, or DVD.:*Being able to host network games.:*Connection to master server to get Quake-Wii server list.
:*"Two major bugs left. Feel free to help. First, and most important, MOD_LoadVertexes crashes into a code dump when loading certain levels (I'd love for someone who is a debugging expert to look into this), and the config file isn't being saved. Other then that my latest version of QuakeGX is getting close to being finished." --[[User:Piko|Piko]] 21:01, 29 April 2009 (UTC)
:*[ quake-wii-piko.tar.gz]


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