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'''For System Menu 4.0 (updated using Waninkoko's Installer), use StarPatch[].  '''It has many of the features in Starfall, Preloader, etc.''' {{Redundant|Priiloader}}{{Infobox homebrewapphomebrew
| title = Starfall
| image = [[ImageFile:Starfall.png|center]]| desc = Installer for systemmenu hacks.| type = Utilitiessystem tool
| author = [[User:Crediar|Crediar]]
| display =
| version = v0.5 (Final)
| download = []| source = No
| peripherals = {{Wiimote1}}
| dangerous = 1
| fakesigns = 1
{{Modifies NAND}}'''Starfall, formerly HackInstaller, is an application developed by [[User:Crediar |Crediar]] to patch the system menu to include new features.'''
==Note==v0.5 is the final version of Starfall - there won't be any new versions. If running [[System Menu 4.0]] or [[System Menu 4.1]], [[StartPatch]] has similar functionality.
==Installation==Just run the application with the [[Twilight Hack]] or [[Homebrew Channel]], or any other preferred method. Follow the on-screen instructions from there. You can choose which patches to add or remove.
These hacks only work with the System Menu 3.2E(v290) or 3.2U(v289). If you have any other version, it will just return to the loader. If you have another version of the System Menu you may consider using [[AnyRegion_ChangerAnyRegion Changer|AnyRegion Changer 1.1]] to install 3.2X to your console.
This tool does not update any SHA1 hashes or signatures. Currently [[IOS]] isn't checking those, but that could be fixed in a future update.
The WiiKey2 config/update disk may have problems do to some Starfall settings. Please remove the Update Blocker and Region Free (both GC and Wii) settings of Starfall as the WiiKey2 has the same settings.
*Region free GC games with video mode patch
*Skip disc update check
== Extras ===== Icon ===[http[File:// From crediar's official sitepng|Icon made by Twile]]
==Extras=====Icon===[[Image:Starfall.png|Icon made by Twile]] Created by [[User:Seandgibbonsy|Twile]]. Based on [[Homebrew_ChannelHomebrew Channel/Icons#Homebrew_Icons_Homebrew Icons -_Black_Glass_Style_by_SimonBlack Glass Style by Simon|Black Glass Style by Simon]] and this image:[[ImageFile:Blstar.jpg|50px|]]
Place in the Starfall directory for the homebrew channel and rename it icon.png
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