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| type = Game
| author = [[User:Yossi|Yossi]]
| version = 1.01| download = [[Media:Iiii1_0Iiii1_1.rar‎|Download1.1]]| source = [[Media:Iiii_source1_0Iiii_source1_1.rar|Download1.1 source]]
| peripherals = {{Wiimote2}} {{FrontSD}}
| hbc = 1
== Details ==
This is a 2 player game. Unless you have a split personality, you will need to install a second player (not included) somewhere near your wii.<br>
By default the game only uses one wiimote. If you want the added convenience of a second wiimote, or if the other player has snot on his hands, you can set <tt>control TWOWIIMOTES </tt> in the settings.ini file.<br>UPDATE in 1.1::Pressing {{WiimoteAButton}} on the second wiimote will cause control of red to be passed to wiimote 2. (overrides <tt>control ONEWIIMOTE </tt>)
== Controls ==
| {{Wiimote1Button}} || Restart Game (Can only be done on your turn)
| {{WiimoteAButton}} || Start Game, Wiimote 2: Join game.
| {{WiimotePlusButton}} || Will be MetaFight's menu someday. Does nothing now
== Settings.ini ==
If you want, you can put a settings.ini file in the same directory as the game (root of the sd for wiiload) and change some settings through there. This is entirely optional.<br>
You can set how many pieces are needed in a line to win, and adjust the size of the board. See the included settings.ini for more information.<br>UPDATE in 1.1::"You should consider making it Sett''iiii''ngs.ini, or something to that effect ;)" -- [[User:MetaFight|MetaFight]] 15:33, 2 April 2009 (UTC):Now supports either name ;D == Images ==Starting in v1.1, you can put custom images into ''path''/images/ and the game will load them. [[Media:Iiii-images.rar|Sample Images]]. See included readme for more info. == History == === [[Media:Iiii_source1_1.rar‎|v1.1]] ===* Tries to load images from ''path''/images/* Red player can switch to second wiimote during play* settiiiings.ini also acceptable as settings' file name === [[Media:Iiii_source1_0.rar‎|v1.0]] ===* Initial release.
== Why the Name? ==


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