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Layout cleanup. Some better way of referencing the code needs to be made.
==The contentThese are the details of the [[Content.bin ]] file structure ==. 
VC games and Wii channels, when saved to a SD card, will be stored in a file named "private/wii/title/XXXX/content.bin", where XXXX is the four-character name of the game/channel.
A program to help parse and analyze the structure of content.bin files, parse-channel.c, is available here: []. '''Put it in the same directory as a compiled version of segher's Wii tools, since it depends on them.''' === General layout ===
The general layout of this file is as follows. Most of the data here is sketchy, at best.
This part is is also encrypted by the SD key and SD IV. The precise format of this part has not yet been fully analyzed. It seems to contain code/data for displaying the animated logo/channel preview in the channel selector.
: This part is compressed using a LZ77 like algorithm (just like the Nintendo DS). Here ([ Here] is a little snippet of code to decompress it (uses XXXX_02_gameinfo.bin files as output by [[User:Magicus|Magicus]] parse-channel.c, downloadable up here). This code is NOT fully functional, because sometimes the algorithm request data not present in the buffer, and fills it with 'X' instead. Maybe someone can fix it, I think it's not difficult ;) [[User:Arcnor|Arcnor]] 21:40, 27 February 2008 (GMT)
===Part C: Cleartext "Bk" header===


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