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* Block 0 (pages 0-0x3F): boot1
** boot1 is the second-stage bootloader; it is decrypted by boot0, which resides on a mask rom inside the Starlet coprocessor. Its primary function is to load and decrypt boot2.
* Blocks 1-3 7 (Pages 0x40 - 0x13f): boot2 (first copy)* Blocks 4-6 (Pages 0x140 - 0x1bf0x1ff) : boot2 (second copytwo copies and blockmaps)
** boot2 is the third-stage bootloader; it is stored in a modified WAD format, including a [[ticket]] that is encrypted with the common key and signed.
* Block 7 (Pages 0x1c0 - 0x1ff): ?
* Block 8 / Cluster 0x40 / Page 0x200: beginning of per-console unique data
* Clusters 0x40 - 0x7EFF: Encrypted filesystem data. Data is encrypted with a per-console AES key, and then signed with a (separate, per-console) HMAC key.

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