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This is a comprehensive directory of '''homebrew applications''' for the Wii. == Lists of homebrew applications =={| |-|'''[[List of homebrew applications#Media|Media]]'''|Media players that can be used to play music, video, and DVDs on the Wii.|-|'''[[List of homebrew applications#Operating systems|Operating systems]]'''|Alternative operating systems to use on the Wii, such as Linux.|-|'''[[List of homebrew applications#Utilities|Utilities]]'''|Various utilities you can use to make your Wii perform various tasks.|-|'''REDIRECT [[List of homebrew applications#Math|Math]]'''|Math-related calculation programs that you can run on the Wii.|-|'''[[List of homebrew applications#Jokes|Jokes]]'''|Joke applications created just for fun.|-|'''[[List of homebrew games|Games]]'''|A wide variety of original homebrew games for the Wii.|-|'''[[List of homebrew emulators|Emulators]]'''|Emulators used to emulate other game consoles on the Wii.|-|width="150px"| '''[[List of homebrew loaders|Loaders]]'''|Various loaders you can use to load other Wii homebrew applications.|-|'''[[List of system modifications|System modifications]]'''|Applications that make changes to the Wii's software.|-|'''[[List of PC utilities|PC utilities]]'''|Utilities to help you load and manage homebrew from your PC.|}  ==See also==*[[List of homebrew in development]]*[[List of homebrew demos]]*[[Homebrew development]]  {{Navbox applicationslist}}
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