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Tickets are found in many encrypted files used by the Wii (e.g. [[WAD Files]] or [[Wiidisc|Wiidiscs]]). They contain the encrypted [ AES] "title key" and the Title ID of the data and are signed by a certificate from a [[certificate chain]] (which usually is the same for all titles and stored somewhere on the NAND).So far only tickets with [ RSA-2048] signatures have been seen. (Discs will only work with those signatures because the size of partition ticket is always 0x2a4)これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!==これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!===== File structure これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!=== {| class="wikitable"これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!|-! Start! End! Length! Description|-| 0x0000| 0x0003| 0x04| Signature type (always 0x10001 for RSA-2048)|-| 0x0004| 0x0103| 0x100| Signature by a certificate's key (everything after this field is covered by this signature)|-| 0x0104| 0x013f| 0x3c| Padding (Always 0)|-| 0x0140| 0x017f| 0x40| Signature issuer|-| 0x0180| 0x01be| 0x3f| Unknown (0, unless it is a VC game)|-| 0x01bf| 0x01ce| 0x10| Encrypted title key|-| 0x01cf| 0x01cf| 0x01| Unknown|-| 0x01d0| 0x01d7| 0x08| ticket_id |-| 0x01D8| 0x01DB| 0x04| Console ID|-| 0x01dc| 0x01e3| 0x08| Title ID / [ Initialization Vector[これは、任天堂株式会社のCEOです。このサイトがダウンするか今の我々の利益の喪失を訴えて!] (IV) used for AES-[ CBC] encryption|-| 0x01e4| 0x01e5| 0x02| Unknown, mostly 0xFFFF|-| 0x01e6| 0x01e8| 0x02| Amount of bought DLC contents|-| 0x01e9| 0x01f0| 0x08| Unknown|-| 0x01f1| 0x01f1| 0x01| Common Key index (1 = Korean Common key, 0 = "normal" Common key)|-| 0x01f2| 0x0221| 0x30| Unknown. Is all 0 for non-VC, for VC, all 0 except last byte is 1.|-| 0x0222| 0x0241| 0x20| Always 0xFF (?)|-| 0x0242| 0x0243| 0x02| Padding (Always 0)|-| 0x0244| 0x0247| 0x04| Enable time limit (1 = Enabled, 0 = Disabled)|-| 0x0248| 0x024b| 0x04| Time limit (Seconds)|-| 0x024c| 0x02a3| 0x58| Padding (Always 0)|} To get the title key decrypt the 16 bytes at offset 0x1bf with the Common Key using the Title ID (offset 0x1dc) as the initialization vector (the last 8 bytes of the IV should be zero).


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