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==Required hardware==
BootMii will not require any special hardware. However, special hardware might help accomplish things that BootMii by itself cannot, such as hardware NAND write protection and isolation from the Nintendo software stack. No such hardware exists yet though.
==The new boot1==
Nintendo has released a new version of [[Boot1]], which disables Bootmii as a [[Boot2]] hack. Fortunately, Bootmii can also be modified to work as a replacement for IOS, or as a separate IOS (Hypothetically, [[IOS5]]). See more at [ Hackmii]. Since boot1 cannot be updated, all consoles already manufactured before this update are safe.
This is a demo from Marcan about the BootMii platform. This is (a very old version of) the official BootMii. Please read above the video description if you are wondering about the hardware on his Wii.
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