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===Why is the picture corrupted with some videos?===
Not much is known about this issue at the moment except that it can be caused by some video filters applied in a certain way during the encoding process, which will usually result in a green bar at the bottom of the screen accompanied by discoloration and/or other issues when the file(s) is/are played in MPlayerWii. This is not to be confused with a different minor problem which can usually be resolved by stopping playback and starting it again or by waiting a few seconds.
===Why is SMB not working with my mac?===
There is a bug in the libOGC that prevents SMB to work with MacOS X out of the box. There is a workaround, edit the /etc/smb.conf file on your mac and add these lines:
max xmit = 32768
after this one:
; Site-specific parameters can be added below this comment.
then restart your mac.


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