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noted small bug
| title = hbcxmlgen
| image =
| desc = Bash script for >meta.xml creation.
| type = PC utility
| license = GPLv3
Along with just making the meta.xml file, it also
* can be installed to <code>/usr/bin </code> so you can run it from anywhere just by typing "<code>hbcxmlgen"</code>
* checks if meta.xml already exists in the current directory, and asks if you want to overwrite it
* notifies you if you need write permissions to write in the current directory ''before'' you enter all the meta.xml information
* enforces the entering of the release date by making sure you input 14 characteres (YYYYmmddMMDDSS)
Also, a bug: You must run from the directory that is in. Otherwise:
mcpancakes@desktop:/$ /usbhdd/Programming/hbcxmlgen/ -i
Copying to /usr/bin/hbcxmlgen ...
[sudo] password for mcpancakes:
cp: cannot stat `': No such file or directory
It won't really be installed. They come together in the same archive anyway, and are extracted to the same place, so just take the time to <code>cd</code> to the directed you unpacked it in and run <code>./</code> from there.
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