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{{Infobox homebrewapp| title = Wii Brew SD Installer| image = [[Image:Screen1.jpg]]| desc = Wiibrew SD Card Installer for Windows| type = Installer| author = Big Bang Theory| download = [ Wii Brew SD Installer]| peripherals = {{FrontSD}}}}==About==Windows program that installs everything you need to safely start running homebrew on your Wii. # Installs the correct Twilight Hack files onto SD card with correct folders based on your region# Installs the [[Homebrew Channel|Homebrew Channel Beta 9]] onto SD card# Installs the [[Homebrew_apps/Homebrew_Browser|Homebrew Browser v0.2.3b]] for use with the REDIRECT [[Homebrew Channel|Homebrew ChannelList_of_homebrew_applications_%28media%29]]# Allows users to select what files they want installed on SD Card<br> ==Updates==Each version update will include updates/additions to the files and any new workarounds/hacks for installations on incompatible Wii System firmwares. ==Compatible Wii Firmware==Wii firmwares up to and including the 23rd of October update, but no further. This will not work with the 3.4 Update!<BR> ==Files Installed on SD Card==*[[Twilight Hack|Twilight Hack Files 0.1beta1]]*[[Homebrew Channel|Homebrew Channel Beta 9]]*[[Homebrew_apps/Homebrew_Browser|Homebrew Browser v0.2.3b]] ==Download=='''Version 1.5'''<br>[ Wii Brew SD Installer]<br><br>'''SD Card Format Tool'''<br>[ Format Tool] ==Change Log==<Youtube>eEo0FBwWSCI&hl</Youtube>Version '''1.5'''*Updated [[Homebrew Channel|Homebrew Channel to Beta 9]]*Updated [[Homebrew_apps/Homebrew_Browser|Homebrew Browser to v0.2.3b]]*Removed DVDX installer app (Download through Homebrew browser)*Smaller overall file size (2.87mb)<br>Version '''1.4'''*Updated Homebrew Browser (v0.2.1b)*Added DVDX installer app <br>Version '''1.3'''*Added Homebrew Browser (v0.2.0b)*Removed all Wiibrew App Packages (Easier to just use Homebrew Browser on Wii)*Smaller overall file size (2.96mb)<br>Version '''1.2'''*Added new twilight hack files 0.1beta1*Added Snake, Duck Hunt, Snes9x, Wii Poker, Masteroids, Scrogger and Matching Cards*Fixed Simon .dol name to boot.dol*Removed menu system, now just a program installer*Removed Panasonic SD Card Format Program*Installer now loads how to video from web*Smaller overall file size (11mb)<br>Version '''1.1'''*Fixed missing installer link to RVL-RZDE-0A-2 USA*Changed RVL-RZDE-0A-0 USA link to correct installer program ==Compatibility==OS: Windows*9x, 2000, XP and Vista *x64 & x86 ==Contact==[ Big Bang Theory]


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