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:I would render a guess that the wireless nunchuck is designed to respond to the series of reports sent to the wiimote by official games, and that homebrew libs aren't doing things in exactly the same order, so something isn't quite working right. In any case, are we able to read actual input from them, and just not calibration data? In this case, it might be possible to provide limited support, especially if it were just for the analog joystick and the buttons. (I don't know of any homebrew that uses the nunchuck's motion sensing.) --[[User:Thegamefreak0134|Thegamefreak0134]] 05:40, 7 January 2009 (UTC)
This issue with wireless Nunchucks seems similar if not identical to the issues with Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments. Personally, I've been trying to get the World Tour extensions to connect to a PC, as opposed to Wii Homebrew, but working out how it is they connect could be beneficial for both.We haven't got much so far, but there were some I/O logs (created with USBTrace) posted here: []. Also in that same thread were logs that were created when the controllers were connected Moved to the actual game (running in dolphin, I believenew topic below). Hopefully posting this here will give more chance of people seeing it and (fingers crossed) knowing what to do with it. -- death_au
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