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Note: [[MPlayerWii]] does not play dvd videos only [[MPlayer]] made by Team Twiizers will do this! However below is an unofficial version that will read files off of burned dvds. It would be to everyones benefit if someone could merge the sources together and add all of the features from the latest Unofficial MPlayerWii to MPlayer so that there is no more confusion.
==USB Storage Support==
MplayerWii uses the USB mass storage support written by svpe. It is not compatible with all devices (blame the manufacturers for not meeting standards). If you are having trouble with your device, first be sure that it is supported by testing it with the [[USB mass storage device tester]]. '''DRIVES MUST BE FORMATTED IN FAT12, FAT16, OR FAT32!'''
==Bugs and Support==
Please report bugs at the [ project page]. You may also find the [ Official Forum Topic at DCEmu] useful.
===Why won't my USB storage device work?===
First, make sure your hard drive is formatted as FAT12, FAT16, OR FAT32.
Most devices are supported by the library being used to provide usbstorage access, but some do not work due to various reasons such as noncompliance to standards. Such devices usually require special drivers to work and it would be an arduous task to track them all and write support for all of them. You can blame the manufacturers.
===Why isn't NTFS supported?===
MPlayerWii uses libfat to read from FAT filesystems and it would need a similar library to read from NTFS. No such library has been written. Support for NTFS can be enabled through linux, but MPlayerWii does not run on top of wii linux. It is a direct port.
===Why isn't there subtitle support?===
MPlayerWii uses a wrapper to enable it to work with the wii. Unfortunately, the changes needed to enable subtitles on the wii cannot be done through this wrapper, but instead would require changes to the actual mplayer code. It is not clear if this will be done or even if it is possible at the moment.
===Why don't my RM and RMVB files work?===
The wii uses PPC architecture. Newer Real Video encoded files (rmvb and some rm) only have support libraries written for x86 architecture availible.
===Why is the picture corrupted with some videos?===
Not much is known about this issue at the moment except that it can be caused by some video filters applied in a certain way during the encoding process, which will usually result in a green bar at the bottom of the screen accompanied by discoloration and/or other issues when the file(s) is/are played in MPlayerWii. This is not to be confused with a different minor problem which can usually be resolved by stopping playback and starting it again or by waiting a few seconds.
*fixed screen color depth/banding issues (uses code from dhewg's mplayer port)
*added progress bar osd display during seek/volume on videos
*huge speedup on USB devices (thanks to rodries and Hermes)
*added classic controller support to position and scale the video display
*added file folders support
*added fix for PAL widescreen users (set the correct setting in mplayerwii.conf)
*much faster USB reading speed (huge thanks to rodries)
*mount/unmount the SD card and/or USB drive so you can swap them out without reloading MPlayerWii
*added configuration file (put in the SD root folder)
*new ascii logo by sensah
*added USB storage support (USB reading is dead slow unfortunately, only good for MP3 files)
*fix for widescreen aspect ratio (uses the Wii display settings)
*more audio playback fixes
*added svenp's libfat patches (better read speed on SD cards)
*file list now displays 20 files instead of 10
*improved audio playback code
*Initial release. Full of bugs, audio sync code is awful and will probably crash often. Also, there's room for lots of speed improvements.


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