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Do not confuse with the October 23rd update, which fixes the [[signing bug|] in every IOS.
And The Disc Channel won't will not let you start ACCF Animal Crossing: City Folk until you've installed all updates from the partition.Here's how to '''install the new IOS''' so that ACCF Animal Crossing: City Folk will work:
#Use Google to find and download Wii Update File Extractor and WAD-Manager, and put them on your SD card. If necessary, [[ELF to DOL Converter|convert them from .elf to .dol]].
#Move IOS38-64-v###.wad from the root into the <tt>wad</tt> folder.
#Use WAD-Manager to install IOS38 to your Wii console.
#ACCF Animal Crossing: City Folk will now load correctly through the Disc Channel.
''Based on an explanation provided by Muzer in #wiihelp''


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