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559 bytes added ,  01:16, 1 November 2008
update to latest version of ambox
| <!-- No image. Cell with some width or padding necessary for text cell to have 100% width. --><td style="border: none; padding: 0px; width: 1px;"></td>| <td class="amboxmbox-image"><div style="width: 52px;">
| &nbsp;
| move = [[Image:Ambox move.png|40x40px]]
| protection = [[Image:Ambox protection.png|40x40px]]
| notice <!-- notice = default -->
| #default = [[Image:Ambox notice.png|40x40px]]
<td class="amboxmbox-text" style="{{{textstyle|}}}"> {{{text}}} </td>
| <td class="amboxmbox-imageright"><div style="width: 52px;"> {{{imageright}}} </div></td>
</table><!-- Detect and report usage with faulty "type" parameter:-->{{#switch:{{{type|}}}| <!-- No type fed, is also valid input -->| speedy| delete| content| style| move| protection| notice = <!-- Do nothing, valid "type" -->| #default = <div style="text-align: center;">This message box is using an invalid "type={{{type|}}}" parameter and needs fixing. ([[:Category:Ambox templates using deprecated types|see all]])</div>[[Category:Ambox templates using deprecated types|{{main other|Main:}}{{FULLPAGENAME}}]]<!-- Sort on namespace -->}}<noinclude>


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