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AnyTitle Deleter

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<app version="1.0">
<name>AnyTitle Deleter</name>
<short_description>A menu driven Title deleter with the ability to delete System Titles and System Channels</short_description>
<long_description>AnyTitle Deleter is an application which allows you to completely delete (almost) any title on your Wii. Notable features:
* Deletes previously "Non-Removable" titles, such as IOS, MIOS, some system channels, etc.
* Contains extensive brick protection--You cannot delete your System Menu, its IOS, or some other necessary titles.
* Lists all titles installed on the system in both hex and ASCII format in a series of nice (but console-based) menus.
* Attempts un-installation of titles the "safe" way, and if it fails, will do a more manual "delete" upon request.</long_description>

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