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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<app version="10.5"> <name>Starfall</name> <coder>Crediar</coder> <version>0.5</version> <release_date>200808120000200807280000</release_date> <coder>Crediar</coder> <short_description>Patches the Utility to enable multiple system menu with certain hacks</short_description> <long_description>Starfall, formerly HackInstaller, The following list of hacks only work with the System Menu 3.2E or 3.2U Features* Replace healthwarning with backmenu * Skip disc update check * Region free GC games with video mode patch * Region free Wii games * Region free channels * No mainmenu BGM * Start rescue-menu when Y is an application developed by Crediar to patch the system held on 1st GC controller * Remove rescue-menu to include new features.diagnostic disc check </long_description> </app>

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