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==Releases== <!-- Add releases below --></noinclude>
* '''18 September 08''': [[User:Tantric|Tantric]] has released new version of [[Visual Boy Advance GX]] 1.0.1. This version fixe fixes problems with L/R buttons, improve improves the menu and run runs GBA games fullspeedat full speed.
* '''17 September 08''': Eke-eke has released a new version of [[Gnuboy GX]]. This version fixes the "Press Button A" issue and adds fast scrolling.
* '''15 September 08''': [ adb] has released v0.1 of [[Map Maker]], a demo app that generates cool-looking terrain you can edit on-the-fly
* '''12 September 08''': [[Wii Gamecube Homebrew Launcher]] 0.2 supports loading from front SD slot. Gamecube disc support has been added (untested).


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